Studio team

The core group are the professionals in their field. The studio has best music producers, composers, sound designers, and arrangers. Exact execution of deadlines, high quality and dedication of Mission of the Studio are substantial points in our work.
Vasiliy Filatov
Sound designer and composer. Founder and ideologist of the studio. Reads lectures about sound design and scoring. Founder and developer of the educational programs for Sound Design Institute.
Nicolay Vasilyev
Composer, sound designer. Frontman of the band "Olimpia". He is good at creating an atmospheric sound design and cinematic music.
Олег Серкин
Master of synthesis and broken rhythms. Writes electronic music in a few minutes. Performs under the stage name Final Sketch.
Ilya Smelkov
Sound Designer, Film sound recordist. FMOD sound implementation specialist. Always calm, invisible and accurate. Big fan of computer games.
Alexander Dmitriev
Sound Designer, composer. Audio programmer. WWISE sound implementation specialist.
Loves the computer games.
Igor Bardashev
Music and mix engineer. Creates
a melodious tone that amazes even the most cynical esthete.
Nikita Khotulev
Sound designer. A very cool guy.
Does everything quickly and accurately: starting with the winter atmosphere of the snow steppes and iron man to crazy animation. Creates a sound that you believe from the first seconds.
Ksenia Gutoreva
Fairy of our studio. Finds an approach to any man, alien, corporate manager or an art director. She is responsible for project support.
Alexander Vorobyev
The master of sound recording on a film set, on a roof, underwater, in the air. Can record everything: from the engine roar of helicopter to mosquito buzz. Always unaware of new recording tools and their application.
About the studio
Within the studio walls were developed such projects as the sound identity of the Disney Channel, and Match TV, and branding of YotaPhone, recognizable melody and all phone sounds. We love sound and music, and share this love with you, guys.

Our team consists of superheroes. However, if it is still not enough for us, we involve the best performers to achieve maximum quality. We are proud of our projects and technologies that are developed in the Studio Laboratory.

Watching our projects cheers people up. That makes world a little brighter.
Watch now. You won't regret :)