We make your projects sound confident

In time. On time.
We create sound identity of brands, sound design in films, animation and motion design. Work with interactive media and mapping show. Work with trailers.

Enrich contemporary art exhibitions. Help bloggers to find their own sound and improve web-video. Create sounds and music for computer games. We even develop the sound of urban spaces. Of course, we program and implement sound in VR / AR / V360. Call us. We will find for you the best solution.
About the studio
Within the studio walls were developed such projects as the sound identity of the Disney Channel, and Match TV, and branding of YotaPhone, recognizable melody and all phone sounds. We love sound and music, and share this love with you, guys.

Our team consists of superheroes. However, if it is still not enough for us, we involve the best performers to achieve maximum quality. We are proud of our projects and technologies that are developed in the Studio Laboratory.

Watching our projects cheers people up. That makes world a little brighter.
Watch now. You won't regret :)