Sound studio SoundDesigner.PRO
Hey! We’re a sound design studio.
Our company provides a wide range of services concerning sound
and music design for any kind of content: from computer games and mobile applications to the full-length films and interactive shows.

We have been creating the best sound and music solutions since 2012.

We are trusted by confident brands. Here are some of them: YotaPhone, Mercedes, Disney Channel, Sila Sveta, Alfabank, First National TV, Match TV, Toonbox, Kidzania
...and 300+ more
Assessing the quality is easy —
Just watch any video and enjoy.
Check out some more of our expressive works on our VIMEO channel!
Almost 60 selected works are waiting for you on our VIMEO channel, and nearly 6 times as much as these are available on request.
Work process
We meet at our studio or come to your office to discuss and brief the project or the idea. Then we make a work plan, brainstorm and estimate the execution time.

Later on, we make a list of the project team members, sign the contract, and carry out prepayment of the project.
Working process
We study the brand’s DNA. We brainstorm a bit more.
Next we collect references, create the first sketch, and check whether the ideas are compliant. We experiment and record the author’s textures. We face some obstacles, correct the results and carry out the examination of our emotional experience and work done. Eventually, we test the received materials and choose the best one.
We adopt the sound to the required format: cinematic, TV, radio, web, or mobile platforms.

Then we export the stems and, if necessary, original materials for The State Film Fund. We archive the project and put a copy on a server so it is possible to refer\return to the project at any time. Finally, we sign the closing documents and make the final payment.
As a bonus, you get backstage materials, photos, long-form of the project and newsbreak: we joyfully show our projects on mass media. Journalists respond to us with reciprocity :)
Studio in figures
We present not only good mood but we are also good with figures :)
8 years
Since 2010 we have been pleasing our customers with non-standard solutions, concepts and good implementation
300+ projects
…and great communication moments are connected with each of them. Every project is unique for our clients and us.
50 companies
have collaborated with us. Most of them have become our permanent clients and reliable partners. Join the good company!