Make city sound enviroument comfartable again

Alexander Popov /

What`s the buzz?

Different people call different things soundscape. Microsoft's soundscape is a system for navigating people with disabilities. A soundscape or a soundscape in music is atmospheric sounds with slowly changing textures. Some people think that these are the sounds of nature, the singing of birds, the noise of a campfire, but this is only a small part. In general, soundscape is everything that surrounds us. For example, when you wake up in the morning with the window open - you hear the city. By the way, with the window closed in the house, the sound of a fan or a dripping faucet is also your current soundscape.
For example, Tokyo or New York City sounds noisy. We are in the dirty acoustically territory. If we talk about generative music or soundscape, we, pursuing the goal of improving human life, must close several tasks. The first is to reduce the noise level. Hence, the transition to electric transport and road improvement. Everything affects here: the material from which houses are made, to the surfaces in the room and the location of objects. The second point is the customization of the place in which a person abides. Whether he is — at home or in the office, he pursues different tasks and goals. At home, a person needs to relax and if the soundscape can help him relieve stress, then that's good. We are already approaching this in the very near future.

Many urban business segments do not yet feel responsible to their residents and consumers, but some developers are already taking the first timid steps in this. We, the team from SoundDesigner.PRO studio, are always happy to help them develop in this direction, because now there are issues of quality, tranquility and making their lives better and more comfortable. We are glad to take part in the development of the Sound Design Institute technology — the SonoTheater.

What developments in this direction is the SoundDesigner.PRO currently engaged in?

We are engaged in generative sound design, whereby a person will feel better and achieve their goals easier. The sound design of each house can be different and individual: sounds of nature, the sound of the wind or the ocean, etc.

If we are talking about the office, then the quality of implementation here strongly depends on the qualifications and professionalism of the sound designer or audio programmer. The noise of the wind or the crackling of a campfire can be found in the library of every film sound engineer, but it is worth considering an important point: one sound can cause a feeling of comfort and warmth, and the other will cause aggressive and negative feelings. 
There is a good example: a Google assistant, when requesting the generation of a pleasant fan sound, reproduced the sound from the library of horror films of the 70s. The conclusion is that even large companies have points for growth here.

We are talking about the fact that the number of sounds that are used in audio installations or in experimental projects of this kind are based on other people's sound libraries. We carefully select each sound, listen to it repeatedly, and focus on making it pleasant to a person.

Where can you listen to the developments of the Institute and the studio SoundDesigner.PRO?

You can listen to our developments in the Coworkstation spaces right now. This is our experimental platform, where we decided to demonstrate our inventions.